High School Students -  The Threat Within

High School Students - The Threat Within

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Dates: October 7 - October 28, 2019 (held once a week over a 4 week period)

Online Class Meeting Dates: - Mondays from 7:00-9:00p.m. EST via Zoom

Description: Students will become “cyber interns” and work in teams with an iQ4 instructor and industry experts as mentors using the iQ4 online/cloud technology platform. The goal is to enable students, through project role profiles, to analyze real case scenarios, and identify the depth and breadth of cybersecurity from multiple perspectives. Students will focus on the interrelated dimensions of threats (which may include but are not limited to technical, procedural, legal, behavioral, and proficiencies).

The content for the course covers core competencies including knowledge, skills, and abilities relating to the identification, detection, protection against, response to, and recovery from an insider threat. In addition, students will acquire teamwork and communication skills that are essential in the workforce. This is a non-credit course and does not appear on your academic transcript. 

Refunds provided be up to 24 hours before start of first class.